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Welcome to the Zer0 PvM Website

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Introduction to Zer0 PvM

We are Zer0 PvM. A Runescape clan based on the Player-vs-Monster scene of the game. Zer0 PvM has been around for several years already and still going strong. The clan welcomes both experienced as well as 'beginner PvMers'. This allows our community to contain a larger variety of characters and personalities than other clans. Members of Zer0 PvM team up with each other to encounter the bosses in RuneScape with a group of friends instead of random people. In Zer0, you will have the opportunity to make new friends with the same mindset as yourself, with the same goals in the game. Many of our members have become close friends with each other and all will try to build / keep up the great community we've established throughout the years.


Zer0 PvM is therefore a community clan based on PvM, rather than just a PvM clan. Our goals are to make sure every single Zer0 member can kill bosses around RuneScape without getting crashed, to give our members a vast and wide variety of events to go to, upholding the Zer0 pride by showing people around RuneScape which clan "runs" the PvM scene. Aside of those goals, we wish to make a lot of money of course!


We strive to be the best at what we do. We are the #1 anticrash clan of RuneScape. To be able to uphold that goal, we require all of our members to stay active both ingame and on our own forums.


The staff team of Zer0 PvM has been carefully selected upon many qualities and abilities. Some examples: Friendly, Dedication, Creativity, Fairness, Assertive, Integrity and Loyalty. This means our staff team has the capacity to succesfully lead this clan and move it in the right direction. The whole team is always ready to answer your questions and will always help you with anything clan related.


We are Zer0 PvM. We run PvM.


Zer0 PvM Information:

Clan Chat: Zer0 PvM

Help Chat: Zer0help

Teamspeak: Register on our forums for link!

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Recent Announcements and News

Zer0 Pvm has recently completey overhauled our rankup system. We changed the entry requirements for Novice members; making it much easier for people to join the clan while giving members a better way to advance through the ranks in the clan. More information can be found on our forums.

Zer0 has had another round of Staff Rankups and a swift rank cleaning. Congratulations to our new staff members!


Congratulations 'Team Expwaste' for winning the 2016 Summer Drop Marathon!


Recently, we changed how our Teamspeak 3 channels work. You must donate 5 Euros in order to have your own private channel for 12 months. There are more public channels now than before so everyone is still able to join in and chat. We appreciate every donation that is given in order to upkeep our server and website costs.

Thanks to all that have donated. :)

Summer is just around the corner and Zer0 PvM is working on recruiting more clan members to get back up to 500 members. Zer0 has some of the best events and community interaction during the summer when people have the most free time. It's time for Zer0 to shine and grow!

Zer0 up!

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