Zer0 PvM

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Zer0 PvM Events

While you are in Zer0 PvM, we will host weekly events for you. We have a large list of events which will be hosted by our Events Coordinators.

These range from social events to PvM events, to bossing in troll gear and playing RuneScape minigames.

Events are hosted 4 to 6 times a week, usually around 8 PM GMT / 3 PM EST. We also have events in different timezones, but these vary weekly.

Apart from the events hosted for Zer0 PvM only, Ex Clan leader Erwin is also part of the Jagex Event Support Team, which means we frequently attend so called 'Mod Events'. There are usually hundreds of people attending these and we represent our clan here as well.

Bandos / Saradomin / Zamorak / Armadyl
-Fun events (troll gear etc)

Corporeal Beast
-Fun events
-Masses for killcount -> Increase pet chance.

God Wars Dungeon 2
-Masses for killcount
-Fun Events

-Learn to Vorago events
-Vorago Coinshare/Lootshare Mass
-Vorago Graveyard event

-Wars against other PvM clans
-Small team nexing
-Kill/time record attempts
-Nex in troll gear

Kalphite King
-Small Team KKing
-Mass KKing
-Kill record attempts

Rise of the Six
-Pro teams
-Learning teams

Beastmaster Durzag and Yakamaru
-Learning teams
-Pro teams
-Record time attempts

-Pest Control
-Soul Wars
-Castle Wars
-Fight Pits
-Stealing Creation

-Dungeoneering Parties available (Many 120+ dungeoneering keyers)
-Skilling Help throughout the day
-TeamSpeak events (karaoke/music streaming/just talk)
-Drop marathons
-PvM challenges
-Boss Time challenges

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