Zer0 PvM

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Zer0 PvM Requirements

If you meet all the requirements, follow these steps.

Video guide to joining


- 137+ Combat
- 99 Attack
- 99 Strength
- 99 Magic
- 99 Ranged
- 99 Defence
- 96+ Summoning
- 95+ Prayer
- 98+ Herblore 

To join Zer0 PvM as a Novice Member you must show at least one item out of each set;

Zaros Godsword OR Noxious Scythe OR Dual drygores 

Seren Godbow OR Noxious Longbow OR Dual Ascensions

Staff of Sliske OR Noxious Staff OR Dual Seismic's

To join as a full member, you will need the following sets (atleast 2 of these must be augmented)

- Full Malevolent OR augmented Torva platebody+platelegs

- Torva gloves OR Razorback gauntlets or Dominion tower gloves

- Torva boots OR Emberkeen boots

- Full Sirenic OR augmented Pernix body+legs

- Pernix gloves OR Nightmare gloves or Ascension grips or Dominion tower gloves

- Pernix boots OR Flarefrost boots

- Full Tectonic OR augmented Virtus body+legs or augmented superior Zuriel's robe top+bottom

- Virtus gloves OR Celestial handwraps or Dominion tower gloves

- Virtus OR Hailfire Boots

All of the following are required for full member

- Frozen Key

- 200 Supreme Overload Doses

- All Tokhaar Capes OR Max Cape OR Completionist Cape

- Reaper Necklace or Amulet of Souls

- Ring of Death or Asylum

- Ring of Vigour

Recommended Gear to have

- Full Ancient Ceremonial Robes

- 200+ doses of Adrenaline & Prayer Renewal OR Replenishment & Supreme Overload Salves

- Onslaught Ability

- 500+ Dreadnips

- Enhanced Excalibur

- GodWars Teletab (OR Max/Comp Cape for Boss portal)

- One of the following: Spirit Shield Set (Elysian, Divine, Arcane) / T90 Shield Set (Malevolent, Merciless, Vengeful) / T90 Defenders (Kalphite, Ascension, Seismic)

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